Mayhaven : Quebec’s first artisanal ginger-based licor

Discover Mayhaven : Quebec’s first artisanal ginger-based liquor created by the microbrewery Artist In Residence.


The Artist In Residence microdistillery has created Quebec’s first handcrafted ginger-based liqueur, called Mayhaven. Deliciously handcrafted. Created from lime, 100% Canadian corn, ginger and pepper, Mayhaven becomes the first liqueur of its kind in Quebec. Artist In Residence is in charge of its production, the microdistillery located in Gatineau.

This is the third product created by the Canadian microdistillery, emphasizing the grain to glass philosophy and the know-how with local products and traditional methods.

“Our new ginger liqueur represents for us the surreal, the abstract, the beautiful and the modern as a whole. It represents the artistic soul, artisanal manufacturing methods and hyper-local ingredients that AiR Distillerie holds in high esteem. The conception of the design and product demonstrates the mysterious and seductive side of the liqueur in line with its distinctive taste. Mayhaven is the liquor of enlightenment. It represents the limitless spirit of AiR Distillerie.”

It is recommended to taste Mayhaven dry, in shots. Although it is also possible to add a bit of Mayhaven in a glass, with a slice of lemon and ice. Don’t hesitate to consult the AiR website and social networks for more tips on preparing Mayhaven liqueur. 



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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