Meet Elie Hannouche, gin promoter between Nice and Dubai

Via Nice Matin

He’s a purist. Elie Hannouche knows everything about gin. He goes from bars to distilleries discovering the best of the best of white spirit. It takes advantage, that now exists and continues the unfinished fervor of gin, and this, also in the south of France.

It is known under the name of Gintonicologist in social networks. Mr. Gin Tonic preaches the word of gin between Nice and Dubai. Through his official website and social network, he shares his experience and knowledge about gin.

Elie confesses to Nice Matin that his passion began in 2011 when he discovered Hendrick’s gin. The intrigue was born with a glass of Hendrick’s and cucumber. (The English drink is distilled with cucumber and is tasted very well with it).

His passion has led him to have today in his collection 200 gins, of the 5000 brands that we find in the world. He also claims to have tasted at least 300.

He is hopeful about the new wave of gin emerging in France, where despite a preference for rum, production is advancing in Provence and southern France, after his birth in Cognac.

His project Gintonicologist serves as a lever to promote gin both in Dubai and France. Especially in Dubai, where it is not so popular.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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