Moonshin'hers, the one and only whisky bar in Edmundston, Canada

Moonshin’hers, the one and only whisky bar in Edmundston, Canada

Edmundston, the province north of Fredericton, Canada, has its first and only whisky bar: Moonshin’hers.

Led by Céline Parent, Tammy Marchand and Sandy Hébert, co-owners of Moonshin’hers make this bar the first of its kind in the town of Edmundston. The bar offers 45 varieties of whisky, including Scotch, South African, Japanese and, of course, Canadian.

By visiting Moonshin’hers you will be able to taste a “tasting” menu made up of three varieties of whisky. The menu was conceived by Nouveau-Brunswick’s greatest whisky specialist, Johanne McInnis.

Local distillers are happy with the opening of this bar that brings together fans, experts and beginners of the whisky world. Sebastien Roy of the Petit-Paquetville distillery comments that Moonshin’hers is a place that shows that people are preferring to “drink better“.

On the other hand, the bar reaffirms the presence of women in the whisky world. Johanne McInnis also comments that “I would say that whisky consumers are divided into 40% women and 60% men between the ages of 25 and 60. This is no longer about men.

Although the bar focuses mainly on a whisky theme, Moonshin’hers also offers a selection of artisanal beers from the region, originally brewed in Edmundston. A meal menu is available for visitors to accompany their drinks.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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