New platform for auctioning rum

The highly acclaimed whisky auctions have found a new ally: rum auctions. The famous Whisky Auctioneer created “Rum Auctioneer” to auction off the black spirit.


Transforming the rum market

According to the Scottish platform Whisky Auctioneer, its version dedicated to rum will help “transform the secondary market”. The platform was created due to a growing publication of rums for sale for auction in WA. Also, following a successful opening of the Rum Auction last May.

Apparently, according to Ian Mclune, the rum market “is currently an exciting and dynamic place. Over the past two years WA has seen a 70% increase in rum consigned for auctions, and its sales value increase by 80%.


Rare, unusual and interesting rum at auction

The monthly auctions will feature “rare, unusual and interesting rums of different styles and ages from around the world”.

To begin the monthly auction session, a bottle of Port Mouran MPM 2010 Barrel #2 rum and a rare bottle of Saint James rum distilled in 1885 will be presented. This inaugural auction will be online until September 9.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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