New Ways to Drink and the Healthy Honeybrew of Leaf and Hive

In Santa Fe, Leaf and Hive Brewery is working on a new ways to drink: the healthy way! With its special Honebrew drink.

A drink called jun is the reason for the Santa Fe Leaf and Hive Brewery team to create a new way to drink. Honeybrew is made from honey and a herbal blend of green tea made by L&H, inoculated with jun. The latter is known as the “kombucha champagne” and its popularity is growing lately thanks to its benefits as a probiotic drink and its ability to pleasantly buzz the recreational taster. Kombucha is an alcoholic beverage that is known primarily as an alternative to the traditional drink for its health benefits.

Chris Gonzales tells The Albuquerque Journal that thanks to its probiotic qualities it will straight up your gut, and its sensation is light and uplifting. And you won’t feel the effects of a hangover, probably because of the healthy ingredients.

Honeybrew comes in original flavor, flower flavor and ginger flavor. They contain a level of alcohol by volume between 5 to 7 %.

We aim to introduce old world wisdom of a healthy and uplifting beverage into modern drinking culture.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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