Opening of a new kind of bar in Fountain Square in February 2019

Miles Herndon is a growing local marketing and branding agency in Indianapolis. The latter opens a new bar concept in its lobby in Fountain Square, called Gavel.

Gavel is a modern bar, offering a premium menu focused on coffee and a selection of beers, wines, low alcohol cocktails as well as snacks and small dishes to share. “We like to sip coffee and enjoy cocktails. The prospect of opening our entrance hall in the neighbourhood therefore seemed like a good opportunity” said Daniel Herndon, CEO of MilesHerndon and Gavel. Their objective is to brew and mix drinks according to strict standards while serving in a relaxed atmosphere. “We look forward to sharing our space and decent drinks with our neighbours” added Herndon. The exact dates of opening to the public will soon be available. We’re really looking forward to it !

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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