organic rum from martinique

Organic and zero-carbon rum imported on a sailing ship from Martinique

If we see it at sea, we would believe we were in the 18th century. The Tres Hombres transports organic rum from Martinique to France.

With the elegance of the sailing ships of yesteryear, the Tres Hombres imports rum from the French West Indies’ island of Martinique. These rums, which travel under the method of transport used in the olden days, could be compared to the Dock Rhums.

With only the wind as “engine”, the Tres Hombres ship transports the goods to France. It makes one rotation of the Atlantic per year, respecting the rhythm of the seasons. It lets itself be carried by the trade winds. And even the way the ship is loaded with rum is done the old-fashioned way. The barrels are rolled one by one and then swum to the ship.

The importer, Raphaël Mangin Deville assumes this choice, more than radical, very ethical. “We cannot appreciate a good glass of rum or organic wines if it has been transported in an ultra-polluting container. The 15 largest container ships in the world pollute as much as all the cars in the world.” Mangin Deville explained to France-Info.

It’s a very popular ethic,” says a liquor store owner referring to their success in Saint-Etienne, in the Loire region of France.

Mangin Deville’s brother, Mangin Deville, lives in France and oversees the previous batches of Tres Hombres. He also bottles them himself.


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