Orleans bars are seeking alternatives to plastic straw

It’s hard to imagine a cocktail without a plastic straw. But … These greatly prized accessories will be banned in a short time (2020 to be precise) because they are suspected to be highly harmful to the environment. The fact that blew the whistle: a video on the web showing turtles in agony because they would have ingested straws. The time has come to seek for palliative solutions. In Orléans, the quest for alternatives has already begun: bamboo, cardboard, stainless steel … What will be the straw of the future?

  • Straw made of biodegradable brown paper

Biodegradable, this straw is more hygienic than its reusable congeners. But biodegradability has a cost: brown paper straws are approximately 5 times more expensive than plastic ones.

  • Stainless steel straw

It has the advantage of being reusable. It is certainly an investment at the beginning but in the end, there is not so lot to buy. For hygienic concern, the managers wash them by hand, using a bottle brush, before putting them in the dishwasher.

  • Bamboo, glass and compostable paper straws …

… these are other ecological solutions that, according to our information, no establishment in Orleans has yet adopted.


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