Phil Ward, a bartender who highlighted mezcal and tequila in the United States

In an interview with The New York Times, we understand how Phil Ward participated in the rebirth of tequila and mezcal in the United States.

Phil Ward, bartender and owner of Altar Bar, was actively involved in the mezcal and tequila cocktail approach in the United States. It all started ‘when he opened the Mayahuel bar in New York’s East Village. The bar’s principle was to focus on cocktails made with agave-based spirits. After eight years of activity, the bar closed, but a spread of mezcalerías was noted in the country. And the unexpected happened: Negronis of mezcal were ordered by customers.

Today Ward mixes cocktails in various bars like Long Island Bar. And the success he achieved with agave drinks is yesterday’s history. Ward confesses that today he turns to Martini and his bar Altar will have a special Martini menu. “I’m obsessed with gin martinis,” he confesses to The New York Times.

***The bar was planned to open during the month of March 2020.*** Our best wishes to Ward and his project in such difficult times.


645 Sterling Place, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

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