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Post-covid 19 bars: Winnipeg bar transforms parking lot

This Winnipeg bar in Canada transformed a parking lot to install its new post-covid-19 bar “format”.

The Beer Can, a craft brewery, transformed a vacant parking lot to take advantage of the outdoor space and open properly. The opening of the pop up bar is scheduled for this Friday, June 12, and will be an “upcycled beer garden”.

Beer Can co-founder Brad Chute said, “Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, all outdoor events in Winnipeg were cancelled. We can’t replace all the festivals and cool stuff, but you can experience some of that fun here.”

At The Beer Can, they’re very supportive of local Winnipeg production, especially beer. Something great for the economy that will help foster local business. The craft beer scene in Winnipeg is early. For Chute, they are making rapid progress in this area, “I think some of our beers could compete with some of the best in the world,” he adds.

In addition, the bar will work with city cocktail makers and food trucks for food.

The Beer Can will use wooden tables and benches and containers to create the space in the parking lot.

And for fun, there will be live music thanks to an alliance with the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club.

While not yet open, The Beer Can is already planning an upcoming opening at another location later in June.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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