Queen Elizabeth’s Top 10 Favourite Drinks

Big Tom Tomato Juice

This spicy, organic tomato juice from Suffolk, England, is the perfect base for Bloody Mary. 2002, Big Tom received the royal mandate for providing the royal family for at least five years.

Champagne Bollinger

Bollinger had long been a British royal favourite, Queen Victoria gave him the royal mandate in 1884.

Champagne Krug

Krug, an expensive French champagne brand, is also reported to be one of Queen Elizabeth’s favourite sparkling wine brands.

Champagne Lanson

To this day, he remains one of the favourites of the British royal family and carries Queen Elizabeth’s coat of arms on his bottle.

Dubonnet and Gin

Dubonnet – a sweetened wine-based aperitif – is mixed with gin and lots of ice and topped with a slice of lemon. Dubonnet was also a favourite of the Queen Mother.

German hock

Hock is a British term for German white wine. The queen enjoys white wine on occasion.

Malvern Water

This bottled drinking water from the springs of the Malvern hills has been appreciated by the British royal family for centuries. It is reported that Queen Elizabeth enjoys several large bottles a day and refuses to travel without her.

Portuguese Mateus Rosé

In the 1960s, this wine was all the rage and it remains a favourite of Queen Elizabeth.

Sparkling wine

Did you know that the queen has her own line of sparkling wine? In 2011, seven acres of Champagne grapes were planted on the south lawn of Windsor Palace and the wine was finally released this winter.

Twinings English Milk Tea

What do you think the queen drinks every morning? English tea for breakfast of course !

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.