Tequila Cazadores and bartender Chantelle Gabino’s fitness routine

Boxing and being a bartender is Chantelle Gabino‘s achievement. The Bartender Boxing Organization, sponsored by Tequila Cazadores, offers bartenders an intensive 90-day training program to represent their hometown in the ring.

What does your typical day look like during a training session?

My mornings are pretty well organized when I don’t travel and work for special events. I wake up and drink my coffee with my dog. Then, I directly practice a training or any physical activity (skateboard, tennis…). Training alone in the gym or boxing are two different worlds. At the boxing gym, you train in a group, giving the best version of yourself. It’s a challenge every time, but your biggest opponent is yourself. I like it about boxing. When I train alone in the gym, I usually focus on weight lifting for strength, with a huge focus on mobility and breathing. I am in my own world with music and headphones.

What advice would you give to readers who might embark on a similar adventure?

The boxer advises to pay attention to her diet by removing noodles, sugar and products from the bakery. “I ate what I wanted, but I was realistic and honest with myself about what my body needed as fuel for the next training session.”

Well done Chantelle !


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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