The 1905 bar : The pre-war speakeasy where you can get stuck in the mud

The 1905 will amaze you, order a delicate Vol de Nuit with rum, blackcurrant, coriander, lemon and vanilla.
You have to go upstairs to get drunk with a new hidden bar: 1905. 1905, that’s the year when time seems to have stopped here. Soft leather sofas, small velvet armchairs, wooden sideboards and lampshades of all kinds. A cosy and chic decoration for this bar that looks like a dandy apartment.

On the cocktail menu, they are all affordable at the price of 13 euros. Test it Man in a hurry and invigorate with Gin, Campari, thyme, Limoncello and tonic. The waiters in straps or three-piece suits will be happy to serve you.

Here it swing! You can go to the small lounge to smoke a cigarette, coiled on a meridian, sipping a mysterious Medici (Gin, Velvet, matcha tea, budo sanso, lemon, ginger beer). For the late evening, contemplate the starry sky with the famous Vol de Nuit on the heated terrace, an oasis of greenery amidst the rooftops of Paris.

The 1905 is a decadent and intoxicating bubble out of time !

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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