The art of creating Swiss spirits at the La Roja distillery

La Roja, was born from the passion of two friends for disitllation and spirits. From the building of Moulin Bornu, in Pompales, Switzerland, we bring you this news.

Julien Hottinger and Antoine Delorme create under the roof of Moulin Bornu several spirits. Gin, vodka with raw materials grown nearby. At a distance of 15 km we find the field of land cultivated biologically by their friend Samuel Emery. They believe in the philosophy of proximity to man, with people close to them, like Samuel.

At La Roja they produce limited quantities of spirits, which allows them to ensure the quality of the distillates, close to excellence. In each lot we achieve different characteristics, but a unique personality.

Julien says that his idea of opening a distillery chased him for a long time. A graduate in International Studies, he had the opportunity to spend time in Latin America where he visited mezcal distilleries. “When I met an artisan distiller who prepared this alcohol with wood, and with whom tasting was a ceremony, I had the idea.”

In March 2019, La Roja launches its first products. A vodka, called Vodka 1825 after the date of the recipe on which they were inspired. It’s an unfiltered, smooth, creamy drink with fruity notes. And a London Dry Gin, obtained after two distillations and infusion with a secret mixture of a dozen aromatic plants. And this, before a third distillation that gives the gin freshness with much power. Then, it is aged in a bottle for two months.


La Roja, winner of medals

The distillery won the bronze medal for its gin at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London last July. They also won the silver medal at the China Wine and Spirits Awards in Hong Kong. After these exciting beginnings, the distillery set up a crowdfunding scheme on the Yes We Farm platform, to improve its production facilities and independently pursue its alchemy work.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.