The first ice-cream shop for adults opens in Madrid

This summer, July 5, opened in Madrid a pop-up ice cream shop dedicated only for over 18 years. La Gelatería J&B reserves alcohol-based ice creams.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash


J&B Gelateria, an invention of the Scotch whisky for tasting boozy ice cream and ice pops, opens from 5 to 21 July. Basically you will enjoy a whisky while your ice cream melts in your glass. This very fashionable trend in the United States arrives now in Europe, mainly Madrid, becoming the first ice cream shop in the world for adults.

To create these succulent drinks/ice cream, J&B whisky joined forces with Töto Ice Cream. Directed by Hernán Rodríguez Oviedo, master ice-cream maker, together with J&B, it proposes creamy ice creams and fruit popsicles. You can also decorate your ice cream with the toppings of your choice.


Boozy popsicles and ice cream

…it’s not very new. In the United States, June’s All Day restaurant offers polo shirts based on different alcohols: beer, champagne, bourbon. Everyone will find a choice.

Other companies such as Buzz Pop Cocktails prepare Italian sorbets with the best ingredients, 100% natural fruit and liqueurs. For example, the raspberry chocolate sorbet, based on Belgian dark chocolate, with premium bourbon. Other flavors include Peach Prosecco.


Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the J&B Gelateria experience.

Where? Calle Sandoval, close to Fuencarral and La Glorieta de Bilbao

Open from Thursday to Sunday

More information,



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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