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Premium and flavoured rum sales increase in the UK

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The rum market is worth £1 billion a year and premium and flavoured brands guide the success of this brand.

In the United Kingdom they are currently enjoying a boom in rum, an alcohol frequently used in the preparation of Cuba Libre. This cocktail, responsible for the success of the tropical spirit, is the most popular rum-based drink they order in British bars.

The goal for the multi-million dollar beverage industry that has seen the fervor of gin pass is to identify the next successful alcohol. Rum seems to be the answer. More specifically, spicy and flavoured rum. In fact, sales of these rums are on the rise amid an avalanche of product launches with ingredients ranging from hemp to coffee and orange peel.

The idea for rum producers is to create the perfect rum for the perfect Cuba Libre. An act similar to the creation of the perfect Gin and Tonic, during the fervor of this alcohol. “As we have seen with gin and tonic, there is an appetite for a more sophisticated version of rum and Coca-Cola. Thomas Hurst, founder and CEO of Rockstar Spirits explains to The Guardian.

Rum is an easy-to-consume, versatile drink that allows you to create a variety of cocktails. For example, the independent beverage group Halewood concentrates on creating a rum based on CBD.

Some Figures

For its part, Majestic Wines, an online spirits retailer, states that its rum sales increased by 46%. This was due to the reform of its rum offering. They now include promising brands such as Dark Matter from Scotland, and Rockstar Spirits from Manchester.

On the other hand, it is estimated that 10 million bottles of spicy and flavored rum were sold this year until June. A figure that increases 80% compared to five years ago.

Around 35 million bottles of rum were consumed in the UK from last year until June 2019. According to the Wine and Spirits Trade Association this market is worth £1 billion. The most popular range of rum continues to be white rum, with more than 13 million bottles sold. Its success is falling, however, with 300,000 fewer bottles sold due to the demand for a more expensive, spicy and flavoured premium rum.


And to meet the demand for rum…

Just as in Gin and Tonic, the toner brands also do their part, in the rum market, Coca-Cola launched a line of mixers. Ideally accompanied by rum.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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