The Ncn’ean whisky distillery creates internship plan to develop female figure in the industry

To break with gender stereotypes the Ncn’ean distillery creates an internship plan for the development of the female figure in the whisky industry.

Whisky’d Away is a two-week paid internship that helps women understand that “opportunities exist in all areas of whisky production”.

Its founder, Anabel Thomas, explains: “I wanted to challenge the old-fashioned opinions that many people still hold. The number of times people ask me if I really like whisky, just because I’m a woman, and the lack of gender balance in the industry in Scotland suggests that we all have even more work to do“.

“The internship will be an opportunity for two women to experience all aspects of the small operation and invite them to understand what it really means to work in a distillery.

Interns will have the opportunity to taste ‘whisky’ in its mature state. Scheduled for launch in 2020, and forage local plants used in the Ncn’ean Botanical Spirit.

Participants must be female, over 18 years of age and available to travel to Scotland from 14-20 July inclusive. Travel, accommodation and food will be covered throughout the week.

For more information and to apply to the internship:


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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