The World Gin Day 2018 is coming up

World Gin Day is coming up. As usual, it takes place every second Saturday in June. For this 2018 edition, we will celebrate on Thursday, June 14.

However, the events will take place from June 9th – others have already started on June 1st – celebrating an entire week in honor to the spirit.

The event will take place in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. With the exception of Latin America and North America, where it is not traditional to celebrate. For the activities of the program we find visits to distilleries, gin tasting and cocktail creations in dedicated estates and houses, workshops and wider celebrations in bars and restaurants.

Among the cocktails to celebrate World Gin Day with the spirit that’s making a splash this summer, we recommend Burak Kapson’s recipe, Tears Of Happiness.


World Gin Day origins

World Gin Day was conceived by Emma, better known as Gin Monkey. She is from London. Possesses experience in the world of cocktails and hosts tasting events for gin. Specialized she’s also a tutor in the spirit.

For more information about the events:


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