San Francisco. Synthetic wine and spirits is about to compete with real grapes and other ingredients

Turning water into wine, the founders of Ava Winery know is no miracle, only science. Ava Winery in San Francisco California is the start-up in charge of producing synthetic wine and whiskey, a company that had already produced a moscato d’asti and a pinot noir in their past.

It’s been two years since biochemists Josh Decolongon and Alec Lee, co-founders, have been working on a technology aimed to recreate alcoholic beverages using flavor molecules, sugars, acids and ethanol derived from natural sources, without using the original raw materials.

There is interest among winemakers who regard the technology as an eco-friendlier way to produce wine and satisfy the high demand for alcoholic beverages.

This past week, Josh and Alec were only given three months to come up with white wine and whiskey for winegrowers gathered in Wellingon at the Bragato wine conference to try their molecular beverages. Their reaction was surprising, especially after smelling the real aromas of their drinks.

However, this is not the first time we hear about something like this; synthetic meat, egg whites, cheese and milk have already been made and innovation continues with a rapid development, which leads us to the question, is lab food the future for edible products?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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