These are the seven cocktail trends you need to know for this 2019

This 2019 has been proposed in the world of mixology and cocktails, seven cocktail trends. We invite you to know them here.

According to Augusta Free Press, these are the seven cocktail trends for 2019. This twist includes the inclusion of new ingredients, innovative flavors, and bold combinations.


1. Culinary cocktails

Bartenders inspired by the culinary creations of the 1990s are expected to experiment with unusual ingredients, combining new flavors for tasters. Vegetables such as chayota, endive or black sapote. Food pairing also evolves with combinations such as champagne with fried chicken.


2. Stylized ice

There are ice makers and carvers such as Scotsman Commercial Ice Maker or Manitowoc Commercial Ice Maker in Canada. Cocktails will be cooled with much more than a simple ice cube thanks to spherical creations, double distilled water, or smoked.


3. Fodder Ingredients

Cocktails influenced by local flavors are another cocktail trend for 2019. Fodder ingredients such as lavender are on the list, at least for Canada, it remains to be seen for other countries with warmer climates.


4. Better mocktails

Many bars strive to offer fun, interesting and sophisticated nonalcoholic cocktails, avoiding a simple creation or classic nonalcoholic cocktail. This year, premium ingredients, homemade syrups and spirits without alcohol.


5. Food-inspired cocktails

Ingredients such as bacon, bone broth and gravy are some of those that bartenders dare to add to cocktails to join the kitchen with the bar. Vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, mint and yogurt, lemon.


6. Healthy Drinks

Cocktails rich in vitamins to take care of ourselves and enjoy healthily. Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins such as cucumber, carrot, beetroot, mango or pomegranate.


7. Special milkshakes

Mix drinks with dessert like smoothies and ice cream also join the cocktails! Delicious and more creative than ever.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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