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This is Cubist™ Freezer Vodka™, especially designed to store in the freezer

Phillips Distilling Company has conceived the Cubist™ Freezer Vodka™ vodka, especially for storage in the refrigerator being the only one designed from start to finish for this purpose.

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Cubist™ Freezer Vodka™ vodka is synonymous with innovation. Its creators Phillips Distilling Company have created the only vodka on the market specially designed and distilled from start to finish to be stored in the freezer. Under the slogan “The World’s Most Refreshing Vodka™,” it is beginning trial marketing in the U.S. states of Minnesota and Arizona, with expansion planned for 2022.

Consumer research has revealed that vodka drinkers prefer to sip the drink chilled and many store it in their fridge to serve as such. Through the Cubist™ Freezer Vodka™ vodka, its product designers kept this in mind to conceive a bottle design that will surprise the industry.

When the Cubist™ Freezer Vodka™ is at its most perfect temperature-at zero degrees Celsius or below-an artfully crafted bottle design with thermochromic ink technology causes the bottle label to turn blue to notify the drinker that it is at its optimum temperature and ready to serve. Phillips Distilling Company teamed up with CTI, the experts in thermochromics to bring this design to fruition.

Cubist™ Freezer Vodka™ is the only vodka created specifically to maintain its integrity at freezing temperatures. The exciting introduction creates a premium “Freezer Vodka”™ that is re-chilled immediately after distillation and then cold filtered through an ultra-fine sieve to remove any impurities. The result is a clean, crisp vodka that is particularly suitable for tasting at freezing temperatures for optimal refreshment. It is an American vodka made from corn and distilled four times. The sleek 750ML bottle retails for $24.99.

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