nazi beer

This is no buzz: we are disgusted and outraged

This is not buzz we are disgusted and outraged. Do not pass on this information, especially do not pass on the image of this beer. Why make the buzz around “subjects” like this? Why do we share information that contributes to the instability of today’s world?

This effigy of Hitler only reinforces an ideology that has caused harm to millions of people of all religions and races. In this representation we find ourselves in the incarnation of a dark era of humanity.

The world of spirits is changing at such a pace that today’s production is leading us to create more and more beautiful bottles, refined, coloured labels, representative of know-how. So, how come nowadays you can sell a beer with an Adolf Hitler label? How can you fall so low?

To not share is our shout.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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