This is probably the best burger in France and is cooked with rum

The French Food Truck Yummy is a travelling and innovative restaurant: its chef prepares hamburgers with whisky and rum and might soon become the best in France.

You’ve probably seen them before. Hamburgers or meats cooked with alcohol. Richard Beaury, is used to preparing this kind of recipes. Every night he receives about 60 people to try his burgers, and up to 200 at the weekend.

And the success of his hamburgers has led him to participate in the Coupe de France du Burger, the hamburger championship organized by the Atelier des chefs in Paris.

Beaury confesses to Le Parisien that he is not a fan of contests. “It’s a pleasure to be recognized by his clients and it will be an opportunity to meet other chefs,” he says.

In the competition, Beaury will face 24 participants to win the title of best hamburger of the year. To achieve this, he will have 25 minutes, an iron and a 60 cm working space to prepare six hamburgers.

It was his hamburger “Le Contrebandier” that guaranteed him a place in the competition. He prepares it with French Charolais beef, lacquered with whisky flamed barbecue sauce, refined cheddar, bacon marinated in golden rum and an onion compote with honey and saffron.


Its history

Beaury’s truck has been traveling within the Ile-de-France region for three years, serving from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm. Mainly focused on Fontainebleau, it also offers delivery 20 km away from the area.

It is pleased to announce to Le Parisien that it plans to open two restaurants in a month’s time. One in the center of Fontainebleau and the other in the activity area of the fairground.

Since I was a child I used to visit the markets and restaurants. For his ingredients then he prefers organic and local ingredients. Like potatoes from the Somme, bacon from Dammarie-les-Lys, saffron from the Essone area. In addition his menu changes with the seasons, proposing seasonal ingredients each time in his menu with four a year.



Where and when? Monday in Samois-sur-Seine, Tuesday in Bois-le-Roi, Thursday in Fontainebleau, Friday in Écuelles. Home delivery on Saturdays. Hamburger at 8 euros, 12 euros with fries and a dessert.

Information: 06 40 82 10 22



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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