Three Scottish fanatics who put their passion at the service of gin

Gin distillers are looking for more and more unique ingredients to distinguish themselves on the market. Here are three Scottish fanatics who put their passion at the service of gin. The photo portrait of Lewis Mackenzie was taken by the famous Scottish photographer Laurence Winram. These shots alternate between commercial and art photography.


Lewis Mackenzie’s story: “I dive for kelp, all alone, swimming at low tide with net bags”

Lewis gathers the kelp algae “I cut the thorns of the kelp just above the stem and I only take the leaves that are in good condition and free of any contaminants. Kelp sugar lasts up to four years and I can harvest the same plant three times a year. All we do is remove part of the leaf and do not touch the stem. “The seaweed is then processed, vacuum-packed and sent to the distillery for use in its secret recipe.


James’ story: Looking outside in cold, wet weather… it’s great !

James spends his days searching for the botanical ingredients of Botanist Gin, which is then distilled at the Bruichladdich distillery. “Our forests, hedges, moors and marine shores offer an abundance of delicious, nutritious and free food. Botanist Gin is distilled with 22 plants including apple mint, chamomile, milk thistle, downy birch, Scottish juniper, lady straw, lemon balm and myrtle. I select them between March and October and the biggest challenge is to get dry days to pick them up in order to preserve their flavor and aroma.


Kim’s story: The cultivated Scots pine is one of our main plants

Kim runs a traditional distillery called Bothy Gin and uses only local ingredients in the recipe for her gin and fruit liqueurs.
Its gin is made from Scottish plants such as Scots pine needles, heather, milk thistle, hawthorn root and rosemary.
“We feed in Loch Arkaig, one of Scotland’s oldest Scottish pine forests. When I started playing with the addition of my gin fruit, I bought the first batch of spirit. But I discovered that I couldn’t control juniper and so I started a collaboration with a vodka distiller just down the road. “And yes, Kim shares her production space with a local vodka distiller.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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