Ukraine. Nemiroff Vodka brings new design to its portfolio celebrating its 25th anniversary

A new bottle enters Nemiroff‘s portfolio, celebrating its 25th anniversary since its introduction on the market in 1993. (Via The Spirits Business)

The vodka brand, originally established in 1872, forms a new image with the special 25th anniversary bottle, whose design is a representation of freedom and the history and tradition of the brand. In addition, Nemiroff has been characterized by the same brand, for being very masculine and for “fighting for the right of men to consume high quality vodka”.

Nemiroff has climbed to fame over the years, not only for his excellent vodka but also for his range of products and collaborations with strong industrial design professionals like Philippe Seys, who designed the Lex bottle, which appears in Lady Gaga’s video, Bad Romance.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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