United Kingdom. Enjoy sake made in England to discover at the Norwich’s Sushi and Sake festival

The Norwich’s Sushi and Sake festival turns out to be the ideal springboard to expose the first three products of the brewery Kanpai London Craft Sake which are Sumi, Kumo and Fizu.

Hard to mention Japan without speaking about sake, this traditional drink which intrigues the enthusiasts of spirits. The experience of Lucy Wilson and Tom during their stay in Japan is a perfect illustration of this fascination. Trying to imbue themselves with the culture of the country, they visited among others places, the breweries where are produced the sake. This discovery gave them the impulse to decide to start the production of sake in the United Kingdom.

This is the way Tom and Lucy came to the creation of their brewery Kanpai London Craft Sake there. Their three versions of sake that the public will have the pleasure to discover August 25th and 26th, dates on which the festival will take place. Additionally, Lucy shows herself optimistic with regard to the event: “we’ve never done a specific sake festival and I think Norwich is ahead of the curve here”.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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