United States. Whistling Andy Distilling produces a vodka for the benefit of the Sperry Chalet

The Montana Whistling Andy Distilling distillery has launched a special edition vodka, The Spirit of Sperry, this July for the benefit of the Sperry Chalet, a historic shelter in Montana that has now disappeared after a fire on August 31st.

Located in Bigfork, Whistling Andy Distilling focuses on the production of bourbon whiskey, moonshine whiskey, hopsnop, rum, gin and of course vodka. The Spirit Of Sperry, the newest vodka in the spirits family, began production in early September with an infusion of blueberries, Japanese Shiso leaves and Douglas fir tips. It is a representation of the taste and culture of Northwest Montana.

The proceeds from the sale of The Spirit of Sperry during the first year will be donated in full to Sperry Chalet for reconstruction. Whistling Andy Distilling General Manager expressed his and his team’s appreciation for the countryside and Glacier National Park and how they could not avoid the Sperry Chalet tragedy.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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