valentines day cocktail

Valentine’s Day 2020: try these 5 cocktails to celebrate

Toast to your partner, friend or special someone on this day of the year by tasting one – or all – of these 5 Valentine’s Day cocktails.


So Fresca – Cocktail by Gracias Madre

A beautiful, appetizing and colorful cocktail based on tequila and strawberry.

San Valentine Cocktail

Gracias Madre


1.5oz tequila blanco

1oz strawberry rose water syrup

.5oz strawberry brandy

10z lemon

1oz of aquafaba


Mint and rose

Type of glass

Milk shake cup


In a shaker, shake the ingredients with ice. Apply the reverse shaking technique to thoroughly mix the aquafaba and ice. The aquafaba will create the foamy texture usually created with the egg white. Use a hawthorne filter and strain the mixture from the shaker into the glass over two ice cubes.


Paros Aphrodisiac Martini – Cocktail by Paros bar St Regis Bahia Beach, Puerto Rico

Elegant, special and aphrodisiac for its vodka based oysters.

San valentine's cocktail


1oz of vodka infused with oyster shell

.5oz caper and parsley syrup

Sea salt

Lemon soda


Green olive


Build the cocktail in a highball glass, over an ice cube. Add sea salt and lemon soda to the top. Spear the olive on a cocktail stick.


Grand 75 – By Grand Marnier

A champagne-based cocktail for the most demanding.

valentines day cocktail


1.5oz of Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

.75oz fresh lemon juice

Simple syrup, one bar spoon

2oz of dry French Champagne


Twist orange peel


Mix the ingredients in a champagne flute.


Cocktail Buy Me Flowers – By Bombay Sapphire

For rose lovers.

saint valentine cocktail


1.5oz Bombay Sapphire gin

.5oz of honey

.75oz lemon juice

2 dashes of rose water

1.5oz of Martini sparkling rosé


1 rose petal


Add the gin, honey, lemon juice and rose water in a shaker. Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously until cold. Strain twice into a previously cooled flute and add to the top of the Martini Sparkling Rose. Decorate with the rose petal.


Cocktail Celebrated Sagamore – By Sagamore Spirits

Based on rye bourbon and champagne for a different twist.

saint valentine cocktail


1.5oz of Sagamore Rye

3oz of Sparkling Cava

.5oz lemon juice

*.75oz spicy cranberry syrup

Type of glass





Add Sagamore Rye, lemon juice and syrup to a champagne flute. Stir the glass to mix. Tilt the glass and add the Cava carefully. Decorate with lemon and blueberries.

*Mix equal parts of water, sugar and fresh blueberries in a pot. For each cup of blueberries, add a cinnamon stick and a rosemary branch. Boil, and reduce for 15 minutes. Leave to cool overnight and filter.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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