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Viper, Asahi’s hard seltzer arrives in France

The Japanese beverage group launches into the hard seltzer market with Viper, now available in France.

Asahi’s Viper alcoholic sparkling water, better known as hard seltzer, is now available in France, after marketing in this territory other beverages such as St Stefanus, Peroni, Pilsner, Urquell and Grolsch beers.

The Japanese brewer offers Viper hard seltzer, available in two flavors: lime and cranberry.

Viper is available at a lower retail price than other brands of hard seltzer, 1.60 euros. Viper hard seltzer is free of artificial colors and preservatives and contains only 96 calories per serving, i.e. per 330 ml can. As for its alcohol content, it is very similar to that of a 4% beer. Asahi produces Viper in the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic.

Hard seltzers, or hard seltzers, are mostly fortified with almost 5% alcohol by volume, more or less similar to a light beer. Their appeal is their low carbohydrate, sugar and calorie content. In addition to being refreshing and tasty, they are considered an alternative to other alcoholic beverages.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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