personal day hard seltzer

A new Hard Seltzer direct from the United States in time for summer

A new Hard Seltzer from Pittsburgh, USA, arrives this summer to refresh us. Discover it here.

We’re busting at the seams here,” said Tim Russel founder and distiller of Allegheny Distilling, producers of Personal Day Hard Seltzer. Allegheny Distilling offers through Personal Day Hard Seltzer four flavors: lime, lemongrass, grapefruit and pineapple. Tropical and fresh tastes for the current season.

Even though the hard seltzer market is becoming saturated, we thought we could do something special in Pittsburgh. Since we’re a distillery, we could do something different than what a brewery would do and make a really clean product,” Russell says.

Personal Hard Seltzer came about when the distillery was left with leftover spirit. They managed to purify this spirit through their copper stills, which they purified into vodka. But since the distillery is primarily a rum distillery, they did not want to sell a product like vodka that is not their brand.

The distillery team spent a few months formulating fruit essences with real fruit juices without incorporating sugar into the final product. “It’s a challenge to get those formulas right,” Russell said.

Unlike other Hard Seltzer brands that use brewing products as a base, Personal Day uses vodka. This way they get a more limpid taste.

To learn more: @personaldayseltzer

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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