Visiting the island of La Réunion and its distilleries: spiritourism

Spiritourism” means spirits tourism. The island La Réunion offers us this possibility to visit its distilleries.

A recent guide of Le Petit Futé (one of the leading French tourist guides) brings together more than 100 spirit production sites in France who are open to the public. Among them are two rum distilleries on the island of La Réunion: Savanna and La saga du rhum.

Savanna distillery: possibly created as a distillery in the 1870s, this distillery knows as official date the years 1948 – 1950. Created by Emile Hugot, the distillery already had a sugar past as it was the Domaine Sucrier de Savanna (Savanna Sugar Complex). Today they produce a dozen varieties of rum derived from the ranges White Rum and Old Rum (golden).

Distillery La saga du rhum: This is the oldest family distillery on the island, none other than Isautier, which is still in production today (since 1845). In La saga du rhum you can visit a museum, the only one dedicated to rum and its history on the island.

The bilingual guide “Le Guide du Spiritourisme” also offers the possibility of downloading tablets and mobiles.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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