What about vodka now?

Columnist Surekha A. Yadav reported on various measures being taken by world traders in the face of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, including that extraordinarily, some U.S. states have called for an end to the sale of vodka….

Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses have canceled sales of Russian art and, extraordinarily, some U.S. states have called for an end to the sale of vodka,” says Surekha Yadav….

But the reality is that more and more countries are joining in banning the sale of certain products of Russian origin or, conversely, are being excluded from the market in Russia because of the Ukraine-Russia war.


One of the most popular brands of vodka in the world is no longer sold in Russia.

It is none other than Absolut Vodka, reported

According to The Spirits Business, Absolut, which is part of the portfolio of the French company Pernod Ricard, ranks second among the most popular vodka brands worldwide, with 11.7 million cases sold. The top spot in the ranking is held by Smirnoff, owned by Diageo, with more than 26.5 million cases sold in 2021.

According to Stéphanie Durroux, CEO of The Absolut Company, Pernod Ricard has announced that it will stop exporting Absolut vodka to Russia, citing the company’s commitment to safeguard its employees and partners from possible widespread criticism. The company had stopped selling its products in Russia in March 2022 after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

The newspaper El Economista reported that this punishment was symbolic: in the US, vodka accounts for 1% of imports; the veto on Russian vodka is going around the world and has even reached New Zealand, where one of the largest alcohol retailers has withdrawn thousands of bottles of vodka, including the Ivanov and Russian Standard brands.

The blockade is starting to spread to other products and sectors…

The international boycott of vodka is real and now we wonder what will happen to vodka now?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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