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What’s Up Today? Champagne, Whiskey, Bar Guide…

Champagne sales in France reached a new record in 2022, with six billion euros in revenues

By Le Figaro Vin / With AFP

Champagne sales exceeded all records in 2022, driven by an increase in volumes and the targeting of a wealthy clientele, announced this Wednesday the Champagne Committee in a statement.”


Cameroon extends the sale of whiskey in bags despite its harmful effects

By ” Santé, Science et Développement “, a SciDev.Net program, presented by Sylvie Akoussan.

Despite its health consequences, whisky in a sachet continues to be sold in Cameroon


What are the differences between Japanese Whiskey and Scotch Whiskey?

By karibik-news.com

“For centuries, whiskey has been produced around the world. Two of the largest producers are Scotland and Japan, which produce whisky of exceptional quality. But what are the differences between Scotch whisky and Japanese whisky?”


Here’s the Hong Kong Bar Guide 2023

By Time Out Hong Kong

“From new watering holes and cocktail and spirit-centric bars to pubs, wine bars and sake joints, the guide presents the best Hong Kong bars.”



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