Whiskey that will make your investment worthwhile

Investing in whisky has become a phenomenon that seduces the spirit-hungry, but we don’t always know what to buy to make the investment worthwhile.

In an article dating back to 2011, specialists from Vault Magazine collected seven whiskies that would make your investment worthwhile. Today, these whiskies are still worth as much or more than they were then, remaining icons in whisky for buying and investing.

ABS CBN’s Jay Labrador returns to this article where he lists seven of the best whiskies to invest in. Scotch whiskies carry the head of course. These single malt like Auchentoshan Three Wood, Glenfarclas 15 years or Springbank 10 years.

Among other whiskies we find the award-winning Laphroaig 10 Year Old Cask Strength. An Islay whisky that was named by Whisky Magazine as best single maltde 2005. Others more exclusive for their limited quantity and with different finishes are The BenRiach 15 years, whose finish was made in barrels of the venerable Henriques & Henriques Madeira Company. There are only 2400 bottles available in the world.

Other whiskies that will make your investment worthwhile are of course the great 18 year old Macallan, a bit smoky with woody touches. The famous author Jim Murray -of the Whisky Bible- argues that an 18 years will definitely demonstrate super star quality.

Finally, we couldn’t leave behind a good island whisky like the Isle of Arran 10 years. A young distillery founded in 1995, and the only one on the island of Arran, is in charge of this soft and light whisky.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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