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Why does this Heineken beer have different prices in Kinshasa?

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Our economic news of the day addresses the question that many in the Congo have asked themselves: Why does this same Heineken beer have different prices?

The price difference between imported Heineken and locally brewed Heineken doesn’t seem to bother fans of this beer. In fact, Congo Heinekenists prefer imported Heineken to Congo-brewed Heineken. The price difference varies between 500 and 1000 FC. That is, locally brewed beer costs 1500 to 2000 CFR while imported beer costs 3000 or 3500 CFR.

The local Heineken beer, made by Bralima, has the taste of mützig class and Beaufort. It is a very different formula from the original. However, it is not an impediment for Bralima, to sell its stock. In fact, in one week Bralima sold out the beers of its first production made by them.

And there is no shame in Bralima reviewing its formula for fear that its production will eventually be less consumed. And, that suffers the fate of the mützig or Victoire class that are consumed by promotion (action). Or of nene Sebène or of the radler Primus that have disappeared from the market.

It should be noted that many countries in the world that sell Heineken produce Heineken in the same country. There are about 200 countries where the Dutch beer is present, with a total of 165 breweries in the world.

It is said that its A-yeast and the control of the ingredients, are the keys of its success and that is why many will say that “it always tastes the same”. Although for barley for example, it does not always come from the same country of production. For example, in Spain, barley comes from France and hops from the United States. However, its golden color, pale tone and fruity taste has managed to seduce many around the world.


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