Why should we -maybe- switch to drinking sake?

Sake production is no longer Japanese sole right. It appears everywhere in Europe and the United States in particular, breweries trying this drink. Learn its benefits and why we should drink more.

Sake uses mainly rice in a proportion of 20%, water at 80% and yeast. It is said that sake prevents the hangover and that it is better to drink it warm.

If all the misconceptions about this drink are not proven, it turns out that it has real qualities. High purity sake can be kept cool in a freezer for a year once the bottle is opened. Without sulfate, gluten and low in histamines, this drink is advised even to the allergic ones.

In comparison, the acidity of wine and champagne is three times higher. Another argument in favour of sake, its compatibility with a variety of dishes, whether European or Asian. On ice or at room temperature, the drink retains good flavours.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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