tequila - jon pardi

Music for the weekend with taste of Tequila by Jon Pardi

The music to close Sunday is artist Jon Pardi latest’s with his song “Tequila Little Time”.

With Tequila Little Time, we propose a country song, taken from the album Heartache Medication released on January 18. The song “Tequila Little Time” is the third single from the album to hit U.S. radio.

For Jon Pardi, it is a song that aims to put listeners in a good mood to relax. “I think it’s great to listen to on a boat, a lake, a pool… it’s about cheering up that girl who’s not doing so well and maybe we want to do a shot of tequila,” Pardi said according to udiscovermusic.com. “It’s a fun song.”

And for beer lovers, Jon Pardi is busy co-producing Dillon Carmichael’s single “Hot Beer” in the studio.

Despite 2020, Pardi wrote on Instagram an optimistic message. The artist hopes that 2021 will bring more normalcy and happy memories. He also took the opportunity to thank the doctors and his fight against covid and thank the fans who continue to listen and love Country music.

We already know how to listen to Pardi’s new single, so let’s get ready with our best tequila. Cheers!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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