A selection of whiskeys sold at high prices

In the world of spirits, quality has a price especially if it is whiskey. If it is possible to find such liquors at affordable prices, some categories are quite expensive and sell for thousands of dollars. These high prices are justified by the brand, the prestige, but also the age of the whiskey. The particularity of this classification lies in the fact that all the spirits which appear are Single Malt, a range very appreciated by the consumers.

Macallan Lalique VI 65-Year-Old Single Malt

It was estimated at about $ 71,409.

Macallan Lalique 62-Year-Old Single Malt

Available around $ 63,820.

Balvenie 50-Year-Old Single Malt

This whisky is estimated at $ 39,362.

Gordon & MacPhail Generations Mortlach 75-Year-Old Single Malt

That can be found at $ 31,854.

Glenfiddich Rare Collection 50-Year-Old Single Malt

Reachable at $ 29,873.

Macallan Fine & Rare Vintage Single Malt

Another whiskey from Macallan Distillery sold for $ 29,657.

Glenlivet Winchester Collection 50-Year-Old Single Malt

Available at approximately $ 26,814.

Macallan 40-Year-Old Single Malt

It was marketed with an average price of $ 25,172.

Bowmore White Limited Edition 43-Year-Old Single Malt

Valued at $ 25,114.

50-Year-Old Single Malt Highland Park

With a sale price of $ 22,926.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.