Arizona Sake and why you should read about it on Hironobu Yamashita’s article

Did you know that in Arizona there is a Japanese sake brewer? Learn all about it on our new edition of “Why you should read“.

Hironobu Yamashita, in his article, takes us on an expedition in the state of Arizona, USA, to discover the sake production event by Atsuo Sakurai.

So, why should you read this article on sake?

  • Sake production outside of Japan has been limited to five brands, but there is an acceleration in the production of Japanese spirits, and Arizona Sake is one of them. Learn why.
  • Arizona Sake is produced from ingredients with an origin outside the United States.
  • The place of production of sake from Atsuo Sakurai is not very common especially in the city of Holbrook.

Learn about Arizona Sake in The Asahi Simbun.


Photo: Hironobu Yamashita


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