Pharrell and NIGO’s SAKE STORM COWBOY brand releases full set

Adding to its recent releases, Pharrell and NIGO’s SAKE STORM COWBOY brand has released a full set of the “SAKE STORM COWBOY S2”.

Released by long-time collaborators, the Japanese sake brand’s offerings are produced by celebrated distiller Ohmine Shuzo. Interestingly, SAKE STORM COWBOY sake won a gold award in the sake category at the International Wine Challenge 2020.

SAKE STORM COWBOY S2 SET features three levels of flavor: LIGHT PRESS, MIDDLE PRESS and HEAVY PRESS. All pressed from the same fermentation tank in different, the different variations feature unique flavor profiles that together express a complete drinking experience. In addition, each set comes complete with a paper mache bottle ornament that replicates SAKE STORM COWBOY’s signature packaging design.

Priced at 55,000 yen (approximately $475), the SAKE STORM COWBOY S2 SET is now available exclusively from the HUMAN MADE website.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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