Fake sake will be identified with a blockchain-based system

This blockchain-based system for identifying counterfeit sake is run by the international auditing company EY.

A tracking system based on the blockchain will be executed to identify fake sake and fight against smuggling. Sake, a popular drink in Japan, is also affected by counterfeiting. According to NikkeiAsianReview, EY Japan will soon release this solution for tracking sake in the blockchain. This will help producers and brewers to differentiate their products from the counterfeit sake circulating in the market.

The system consists of a QR code on the sake bottles. Consumers will be able to access various information after scanning the code, such as ingredients, production site and quality control data, as well as temperature readings. Thanks to this method, a story is being told behind the bottle, an original look that will differentiate it from counterfeits.

EY hopes to be able to activate the SAKE Blockchain system throughout Asia, especially in Singapore and Hong Kong. However, the auditing company is waiting for the end of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19) to set the project in motion on a large scale.

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