Blockchain technology whisky introduced to the market

Premium whisky brand Ailsa Bay, and blockchain arc-net technology specialists, launch the first blockchain whisky. The William Grant & Sons brand seeks to transform whisky through experimentation. This means, technology, precise distillation and the use of methods through data management.

The use of blockchain allows a complete distillation and manufacturing process of the whisky. In this way, users can track whisky from source to store. Consumers can be assured of both authenticity and traceability.

For Ailsa Bay, information is collected on the block chain from parent company William Grant & Sons, including barrel types, filling as well as bottling dates.

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain is a list of records, or “blocks” that contain information about the previous block and transaction data between them. It acts like an “open” ledger, and this ledger is publicly managed rather than controlled by one of the parties, meaning that the stored information cannot be changed or altered to track authenticity.

This technological advance ensures the quality, and also the origin, of the whisky consumed. A way to ensure the legacy of the brand and its expertise. In addition, it is a more practical way for the brand to geolocate data on the purchase of its beverages, and their consumption, to keep the brand protected. It is undoubtedly a way to predict the future of spirits.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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