Surrey Cooper distillery launches English Vermouth inspired by Charles Dickens

The Surrey Copper Distillery is a family business founded by Chris and Katherine Smart, both have a PhD degree and an extensive experience on brewing. They are former heads of brewing services at Campden BRI and former chief brewers at SABMiller.

This last summer, the Smarts decided to launch their own first product, the Copperfield Dry Gin. Soon after, a beautiful and eye-catching vermouth also comes to live, The Chimes English Extra Dry Vermouth.

The Surrey Copper distillery is not only known for the quality of their spirits, but also for offering pretty-looking products. Their motivation comes from both of their passions: literature and alcohol distilling. Undoubtedly, smart beverages made by the Smarts.

This is why the Chimes’ packaging made by Nude Brand Creation is inspired on Charles Dickens’ obsession with Italy and it looks like a book from far away. “Our aim was to replicate the feel of an aged and well-loved rare vintage book,” said Tony Enoch, partner at Nude Brand Creation.

The side of each bottle imitates a book’s spine, allowing each bottle to be stored in a book shelf or a library. On its back, there are hand written notes made when Professor Smart was figuring out the vermouth’s recipe. Every bottle is hand-labeled and hand-bottled.

Its formula is made of Sauvignon Blanc wine from a vineyard in Surrey and it’s paired with twelve distillated botanicals. Among these we find lemon peel, rosemary, ginger, sage, cinnamon, cubeb and Italian wormwood. The wine flavor is preserved when adding the distillated botanical ingredients to create the vermouth.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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