Baldoria Vermouth, a creation by the owner of Little Red Door

A range of Bianco, Rosso and Dry vermouth are included in this brand created by Bonomy Group, owners of Little Red Door and Lulu White bars in Paris.

Rory Shepherd, director of the renowned Little Red Door bar in Paris, along with Ben Cooper, perform Baldoria. A vermouth created after years of exploring different flavours.

In Boves, Italy, an hour’s drive south of Torino creates Baldoria. Together with Argalà, an Italian distillery that creates Pastis highly recognized in maceration. Indeed, the distillery led by Piero and Enrico, is well acquainted with herbs, botanicals, spices, local and seasonal ingredients.

Baldoria’s Rosso vermouth includes Chardonnay and Nebbiolo providing red fruit notes. They marry well with botanicals. Also, they add thyme giving fresh notes to the deepest flavors of the sweet Vermouth style.

Baldoria was born mainly as an idea to create cocktails. In fact, it was premiered in Little Red Door as part of the special menu “A way with words” launched a few months ago. For example, the Mauri cocktail, which consists of Porter’s Tropical Old Tom gin, oceanic plants, Baldoria Dry and bubbles.

Although it has already been launched in Paris, they plan to release vermouth by 2020 in the United Kingdom, and in other European countries, Rory Shepherd said.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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