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Tomoshiko Tanaka and Hiroyasu Kamaya present the Ko-On Gin

We present The KO-ON IP-01 a gin of Japanese origin based on shōchū, a fruit brandy distilled mainly from rice; juniper berries, Yuzu (an Asian citrus fruit also known as Japanese lemon), Japanese tea and ginger.

Tomoshiko Tanaka is behind this creation. The Japanese distillery Mars Shinshu distributed 900 bottles of KO-ON IP-01 in 2016. According to Mr Tanaka, in Japan there are very few varieties of gin, this sets the KO-ON as the first Japanese gin.

When tasting it, the aromas that first rise to the nose are Yuzu, and then Japanese tea.

To enjoy KO-ON Gin, Tanaka recommends mixing it with a slice of cucumber, ice cubes and the tonic of your choice.

Hiroyasu Kamaya from Benfiddich Bar in Tokyo, shows us his cocktail Japanese Fizz, a blend of KO-ON gin, Perrier, and ice cubes.