David Beckham talks about his venture into the world of whisky

From professional footballer to whisky brand representative, David Beckham talks about his venture into the whisky world.

In an interview with IOL, David Becks Beckham tells how to move from his dream profession to another professional dimension: representing a beverage brand. Haig Club, the whisky released in 2014 as a single malt with no age stated, grew out of the partnership between David Beckham and music entrepreneur Simon Fuller. Through Diageo, the initiative ends up taking shape in the world of whisky.

Beckham states: “It wasn’t until the last years of my career that we started discussions with Diageo. We talked about the possibilities and I said that as soon as I finished my football career, we could start an association (…) I think being successful and working hard today is what I enjoy.

This meeting between the journalist Shingai Darangwa and David Beckham, had as motive the promotional campaign for Haig Club in South Africa. The conversation with the footballer led to more than an inquiry into his career in the world of whisky, sharing the best ways to taste Haig Club and whisky in general, he says: “Three ways, I’d say, on the rocks, neat and actually I like the new one with orange and tonic“.

David Beckham talks about his venture into the world of whisky

Haig Club


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