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The Glenlivet and the National Trust for Scotland launch the Pioneering Spirit project to uncover whisky’s past

Glenlivet Distillery and the National Trust for Scotland will work together to unearth Scotland’s cultural heritage and its relationship to whisky production.

The National Trust for Scotland and Glenlivet will conduct archaeological excavations at the Glenlivet site and the fund to reveal “the illicit stills and forgotten havens” used to produce and traffic Scotch whiskey through the Highlands in the 19th century. This industry affected almost every aspect of Scottish life, from trade to immigration and even family dynamics.

There are around 30 stills in the area, from Torridon to Kintail to Grey Mare’s Tail, which will be analysed.

The research project called Pioneering Spirit will be led by the Head of Archaeology, Derek Alexander and the archivist of The Glenlivet, Chris Brousseau.

We are proud to support the National Trust for Scotland and the incredible work they have done to protect, and celebrate, what makes Scotland unique,” said Miriam Eceolaza, Global Managing Director of The Glenlivet, according to a statement.

The National Trust for Scotland also expressed its enthusiasm for the project: “We are excited to partner with The Glenlivet to launch the Pioneering Spirit project… In order to share the stories behind the illicit whisky industry in Scotland, it is only right that we should be associated with a name that is so firmly part of this story“.

Once underway, the project will involve Scottish visitors and residents alike in discovering more about the country’s past and the role that whisky distillation played in defining Scottish culture.


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