The “startenders”  Steve Schneider and Shingo Gokan open a new bar in Shanghai

Steve Schneider from Employees Only and Shingo Gokan from the SG Club are riding the “startenders” trend and are now teaming up to open a new bar in Shanghai, China.

The name of the place, The Odd Couple, refers to the two bartenders opposite style: Schneider is all about high speed and craft volume, while Gokan’s style is refined and meticulous.

The two friends have had multiple occasions to work together during their career, so they finally decided to make their partnership more official. They plan on using their complimentary styles and skills to offer their customers something completely new and unique.

This is the idea behind their menu: you will be able to choose from eight flavor profiles, and each profile will get you two drinks, one by Schneider and one by Gokan. Of course, they will also offer classic drinks like highballs.

The Tokyo firm The Whole Design will be in charge of the Odd Couple’s interior. According to a release, you can expect a “retro-funk nods, abundant neon, moving lights and limited seating to cultivate a vivacious bar room energy.”


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.