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Historic Cocktails: Robbie Burns-based Whisky Cocktail

We’re almost at the end of our historic cocktail series! We feature Robbie Burns whisky, a tribute whisky to Robert Burns.

The recipes in our column are compiled directly from the book “puis le gar y dit”, by Montreal-based Distillers Corporation Seagrams Limited.

The recipes contained in this book were found and tasted in buffets of connoisseurs, experts from hotel clubs and world-renowned hotels of the time. Divided into five parts, according to the base of alcohol, gin, Scotch whisky, rye – Canadian and American – and bourbon.


Robbie Burns, Fame Old Whisky

An old blend whisky, produced by R.H. Thomson & Co (Distillers). The distillery produced this whisky in honour of Robert Burns, as mythical as real, a character of the scotch whisky culture.

It is a not too shy whisky with raisins, cocoa and canned peaches. Slight notes of varnish in the background. Full-bodied for a 40% blend. More milk chocolate, raisins, fruit compotes. A finish where the whisky fades quickly and with notes of cardboard.

Our whisky is well in the anecdotes of “Puis le gas y dit”, where Robert Burns is mentioned during the tasting of this whisky.

How… are you leaving? What time is it, then? … Already so late that it … ? 

Well… wait. There in the city, at the end of any evening… they take one last shot they call the “dock and dock”… claiming it’s about the only thing the Scotsman will willingly give…

Fill up your glasses, old chaps, the Robbie Burns just does the trick, we drink… “A big good night to you all.

Goodbye… Come back and I’ll tell you more of my stories from back there…

Good evening…

Good evening…

robbie burns wh

Robbie Burns based Cocktails

Rob Roy Cocktail

Suggested by M.M. Pomeranz, Managing Director of the Howard Hotel, Strand, London, England.


4 parts Robbie Burns Whisky

3 parts of Italian Vermmouth

2 lines of Angostura


Shake well, pour into a cocktail glass, serve with a cherry.

Scottish Highball

Put a piece of ice in a Highball glass.

Add a limited amount of Robbie Burns, then fill with Appolinaris or salt water.

Would you like to taste this whisky?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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