Woods for scotch wysky bourbon

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If you are a whisky lover you should definitely read about Chrisoper Osburn article, and here I give you reasons why you should.

…Because in this article Christoper Osburn explains how different types of wood will influence both positively and negatively on whisky, bourbon and scotch.

Indeed, the following article All the ways wood affects your whiskey, explained featuring on Vine Pair explains in details this fact that recently caught my attention.

With regard to the ageing of these aforementioned liqueurs, some quality woods are create barrels. There are five oak barrels that are preferred for distillation, of European, American and Japanese origins. Each wood provides different attributes for aging and bringing aromas to the spirit. Find out which one gives what specificities.

However, not to forget that there are also woods to avoid, like chestnut, maple, acacia and cherry. Besides, the Scotch Whisky Association rules for Scotch whisky forbid their use.


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